Son Heung Min has Surpassed 50 League Goals
Son Heung Min has Surpassed 50 League Goals
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Son Heung Min


[STNSPORTS=Christina Seorin Lee EDITOR]

Tottenham won Aston Villa by 3-2 in 26 round of the 2019-20 English Premier League at Villa Park in Birmingham, England on February 16. The team rose to fifth place in the league.

Son started the day as a front-line striker. He showed off his presence by exploiting strengths in counterattacks. When the opportunity came, he boldly connected the shot and made a score.

Son took the chance in the first half of the game. He became the kicker when Steven Bergwijn made a penalty kick chance. Team was losing the game after Peppe Reina made the score in second ball situations. ?He scored for five consecutive games, and the 50th goal in the EPL.

Son made an impressive play in the second half as well. He led the team's through fast pace in the counterattack, and aimed for additional goals with sharp shootings. He was frequently blocked by Reina goalkeeper, but played a vital role in the team.

Then Son peaked made a last minute winning goal during the extra time. Son received cross from the back, gave the team a victory with his third goal after breaking the dribble.

The British local media Football London gave Son 8 points and said, "He's now scored in each of his past five matches, after knocking home the rebound from his saved penalty, but he still looked to be lacking in confidence and quality at times. That all changed after a string of missed chances in the second half which could have had Spurs home and dry as he ran through after a mistake from Engels to score the winner with the coolest of finishes. "




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