Kim Jong-Kook is Coming Back with his New Single 'Forget-me-not'
Kim Jong-Kook is Coming Back with his New Single 'Forget-me-not'
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가수 김종국
Kim Jong-Kook

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Singer Kim Jong-kook is combing back with his new single.

On December 8th, JK Entertainment announced that "Kim Jong-kook is making a comeback as a singer after a long time with the release of his new single 'forget-me-not'."

'Forget-me-not' is an authentic ballad song that can feel both the loneliness of winter and the warmth of acoustic sounds. The song includes Kim Jong-kook's unique emotion that expresses the sadness of living with the pain from past love and memories.

In order to convey the complex emotions of sadness, longing, and sorrow, Kim Jong-kook participated in producing the overall song, including the lyrics and composition. Moreover, Tibian and Bark, who produced a number of artists' music, such as Red Velvet, April, and Jung Seung-hwan also joined the participation. The arrangement of AIMISTRINGS also increased the perfection of the song.

'Forget-me-not' is Kim Jong-kook's first single in 8 years since the release of his seventh album "Journey Home" and the remake single "Remembering."He broke the long gap by releasing the burden of a new song to repay the love and support of his fans. 'Forget-me-not' will be a meaningful new song that heralds Kim Jong-kook's continued music activities in the future.

'Forget-me-not' will be released on various online music sites at 6 p.m. on December 8th.


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