Chung Ha released a Video Teaser for "Dream of You (with R3HAB)"
Chung Ha released a Video Teaser for "Dream of You (with R3HAB)"
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[STNSPORTS=Christina Seorin Lee EDITOR]

Solo artist Chung Ha has raised expectations for a comeback.

Chung Ha released a video teaser for her new collaboration single "Dream of You (with R3HAB)" on her official SNS on the 25th.

The released video showed her silhouette standing behind the red sunset. In another scene, Chung Ha showed restrained motion in harmony with the dancers. In addition, Chung Ha wearing the suit with a fedora attracts the viewers even more. 

"Dream of You (with R3HAB)" is an electronic genre led by a thick bass with house rhythms, and is a combination of retro sounds from string, brass and vocoder with dreamy synthesizer sounds to give off a variety of charms. This single was created by a global collaboration with R3HAB (Reheap), a universally popular DJ and producer.

Meanwhile, Chung Ha's new single "Dream of You (with R3HAB)" will be released on the music site before noon on the 27th.

photo=MNH Entertainment

STNSPORTS=Christina Seorin Lee


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