KAI will Release his First Solo Album "KAI" on 30th
KAI will Release his First Solo Album "KAI" on 30th
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KAI (开)

[STNSPORTS=Christina Seorin Lee EDITOR]

EXO KAI has confirmed his solo debut.

SM Entertainment announced on November 11th that "KAI's first solo album 'KAI (开)', will be released on November 30," and there are "six songs with a colorful atmosphere are included."

KAI is gaining worldwide popularity for his outstanding performance and stylish visuals through activities as a member of EXO. Moreover, his solo songs released at concerts such as "Confession" and "Spoiler" have proved his overwhelming performance on the stage, which gathered more attention towards his new career as a solo artist.

In addition, KAI is not only active in a wide range of fields such as music but also dramas and entertainment. He is also getting attention in the global fashion world for his great taste in fashion and high popularity, which is expected to show various aspects of his solo career in the future.

KAI's first mini-album 'KAI (开)' will start preorders at various online and offline music stores starting from November 11th.

photo=SM Entertainment

STNSPORTS=Christina Seorin Lee EDITOR



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