BTS JIN's Concept Photo for the New Album has been Released
BTS JIN's Concept Photo for the New Album has been Released
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Jin's concept photo for BTS's new album "BE(Deluxe Edition) has been released.

On November 6th, Jin posted a photo of him sitting alone in a room full of chandeliers and jewels, and a photo of himself staring at the camera with his chin folded.

The room in the photo is full of chandeliers and various gems on a white background as a whole. The bright atmosphere of the room and Jin, sitting on a light purple sofa, harmonizes well.

Jin, in particular, impressed fans with touching words in an audio guide released on Big Hit Entertainment's official website at the same time as the concept photo.


"The biggest attraction of the jewel-filled room is that we don't know who is the jewel" Jin said. "I was overwhelmed by a huge jewel, but when I looked closely, I was the one," he said. "Didn't you also forget that you're the only precious jewel in the world? I want you to think of yourself as a jewel that is more wonderful and shinier than anyone else and always be confident."

Since the 2nd, BTS has been receiving enthusiastic responses from fans around the world by releasing an audio guide that explains rooms, props and costumes along with concept photos by members.

Meanwhile, BTS's new album "BE (Deluxe Edition)" will be released worldwide on the 20th.

photo=BigHit Entertainment

STNSPORTS=Christina Seorin Lee EDITOR


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